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DBM432-H automatic 2.5D image measuring instrument

Instrument features:

Three axes adopt TaiwanHIWIN high-precision P-class linear guide, grinding-grade ball screw, low noise and low vibration, minimal dynamic geometric error;

High-quality granite marble base and column, with good temperature stability and resistance to deformation

Granite marble+ Aviation aluminum workbench, low light weight and low inertia, ensuring high-speed positioning accuracy and steady-state performance.

l The finite element structural analysis and optimized structural design ensure the high precision and high stability of the system as a whole.

The UK technology's KMN integrated control box and three-axis imported high-performance servo motor drive enable full-closed control.



What you choose is:   DBM322-Hlevel                      Length unit:MM





X\Y\Z measurement stroke




Working distance







Maximum load




Instrument weight




power supply

220V+10%,   50HZ-60HZ

measurement accuracy

X/Y axis(3.0+L/200)Mm, Z axis5.0+L/200)μm


X/Y axis(2.0+L/200)μm(Standard Parts)


Lenovo brand business machine: Core Duo 2.5 / memory 2G / hard disk 500G / 19" LCD color display

Contact probe(optional)

UK RENISHAW MCP contact probe

Drive screw

X/Y/Z three-axis Taiwan HIWIN grinding grade ball screw

Linear Guides

X/Y/Z three-axis Taiwan HIWIN/P grade linear guide


X/Y/Z three-axis imported high performance servo motor


 Komanni KMN/HD755 full closed loop control system


Taiwan Wanhao 1μm closed glass grating ruler

Imaging system

American TEO HDcolor1/3″Camera + image card          Image magnification 18 X -280X


Komanni 0745D high-definition continuous zoom lens / magnification 0.7-4.5X optional: 0.5X objective lens, magnification 15-115X, optional: 2X objective lens, magnification 60-460X.

Light source system

Programmable six-ring eight-zone annular surface light source + parallel contour LED cold light source

Measurement software:

KOMANI is a true composite software, R&D team 25 years of successful development of professional measurement software, a new composite measurement software that combines laser, probe and image.

 KOMANI's operation room is single and powerful. It combines CAD import comparison, full graphic display, fast click operation, real-time data comparison, report format diversification, advanced algorithm and so on. The advanced and accurate algorithm. On the same, the same guarantee.

KOMANI is widely used in machining, electronics, automotive, hardware, mold, precision manufacturing, plastic and rubber products, optoelectronics, mobile phones, PCB boards, electronic components, semiconductors, touch screens, LCD panels, medical equipment, tools, bearings, Terminals and other industries.


Software function

One, Function: including the functions of three-dimensional, two-dimensional, tool microscope, and projector.

two, Powerful2D/3D measurement system

   The optical coordinate system measures any two-dimensional size of the product at the base point.

   The probe coordinate system measures the three-dimensional space and two-dimensional planar dimensions of the product at the base point.

   Using the same coordinate system, the 3D measurement using the probe can be used in combination with the image 2D or using the 2D plane of the image and 3D stereo measurement.


Basic function introduction:

1. Complete geometric dimensions (points, lines, faces, circles, spheres, cylinders, arcs, cones), geometric tolerances (straightness, flatness, roundness, true sphericity, cylindricity, position, parallelism, vertical) Degree) measurement function.

2.Combined element measurement, such as angle, center distance, circle tangent, two line spacing, two line center line, center point, vertical distance, angle bisector, two line intersection, etc.

3. Shape error measurement, like heart,Roundness, straightness, parallelism, etc.

4. Powerful mathematical analysis

5. The image is directly displayed on the computer screen to observe the direct measurement save disk.

6. Quickly with image tools2D contour boundary point scanning

7. Measuring the graphical display of the workpiece, the graphics can be saved, printed, and can be transferred TXT, WORD, EXCEL and AUTOCAD files

8. Provide tolerance analysis for effective quality inspection

9. The objectification of the workpiece can directly perform geometric basic operations on the object.

10. Compatible with2000, XP operating system


Advanced features:

11. auto focus

12. Automatic image capture, easy to operate, high measurement accuracy

13. IUI function to complete the operation in as little time as possible

14. AUTOCAD reading, graphic comparison

15. Fully automatic concentric zooming, the same workpiece can be measured at different magnifications (optional)

16. Work does not have to be square, with coordinate conversion function, high measurement efficiency

17. Program self-learning, array copying and other functions to achieve high-volume automatic detection, improve work efficiency.

18. SPC function

19. Static measurement function.

20. The workpiece measures the image capture function.

21. Provides powerful linear and nonlinear compensation to ensure higher precision.Work does not have to be square, with coordinate conversion function, high measurement efficiency