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DBM3020C automatic 2.5D image measuring instrument
Instrument features:
The three axes are all imported HIWIN high-precision linear guides and grinding-grade ball screw drive. The noise is low and the vibration is small, and the dynamic geometric error is minimal.
It adopts Shandong Jinanqing high-quality granite marble base and double column, which has good temperature stability and resistance to deformation.
It adopts fixed gantry structure, high measurement accuracy and high precision positioning at high speed.
The finite element structural analysis and optimized structural design ensure the high precision and high stability of the system as a whole.
The KMN integrated control box with independent intellectual property rights and imported high-performance servo motor drive realize full-closed control.

model DBM-322 DBM-432 DBM-542 DBM-652
X\Y\Z measurement stroke 300*200*200 400*300*200 500*400*200 600*500*200
Working distance 95mm
600*760*1600 700*930*1600 800*1100*1600 1000*1260*1600
Maximum load 30Kg 30Kg 30Kg 30Kg
Instrument weight (about) 180Kg 260Kg 330Kg 450Kg
power supply 220V+10%,   50HZ-60HZ
Indication error (3.0+L/200)μm
computer Lenovo brand business machine: Core Duo 2.5 / memory 2G / hard disk 500G / 19" LCD color display
Contact probe UK RENISHAW MCP contact probe (optional)
Control transmission counting system Imported TBI grinding grade ball screw
Imported HIWIN-P grade linear guide
Imported high performance servo motor
KMN-750Full closed loop control system
1μm closed glass grating
Imaging system American TEO HD color 1/3′′ camera + image card          Image magnification 28 X -180X
High definition continuous zoom lens/Magnification 0.7-4.5X
Optional: 0.5X objective lens, magnification 15-115X
Optional: 2X objective lens, magnification 60-460X
Light source system Programmable eight-zone annular surface light source + parallel contour LED cold light source
Measurement software:
KOMANICNC2.0 is a true hybrid software, the R&D team's 25 years of experience in the successful development of professional measurement software, a new composite measurement software that combines laser, probe and image.
The operation room is single and powerful, and it combines CAD import comparison, full graphic display, fast click operation, real-time data comparison, report format diversification, advanced algorithm and so on. It is advanced and accurate in the algorithm. The same is guaranteed.
Widely used in machining, electronics, automotive, hardware, mold, precision manufacturing, plastic and rubber products, optoelectronics, mobile phones, PCB boards, electronic components, semiconductors, touch screens, LCD panels, medical equipment, tools, bearings, terminals And other industries.

Software features:
1, complete geometric dimensions (points, lines, faces, circles, spheres, cylinders, arcs, cones), geometrical tolerances (straightness, flatness, roundness, true sphericity, cylindricity, position, parallelism) , verticality) measurement function.

2. When the power is turned off abnormally, the software can automatically recover the data to prevent the measured data from being recovered and affecting the working efficiency.
3. Provide powerful linear and nonlinear compensation functions to ensure higher precision of the machine.

4, the measurement results can be transferred out a variety of styles EXCEL, WORD editing, and can set the tolerance level, can do OK, NG immediately judge.
5, measurement graphics, clear and clear labels; can save IGES, DXF file format, is the best tool for CAD reverse engineering.

6, program self-learning, array copying and other functions to achieve high-volume automatic detection, improve work efficiency.
7, super image to the burr function, can avoid the overlap of the line segment, the broken line segment.
8, the program design is simpler, no need to memorize any complex instruction full Chinese cultural editing; all steps are directly visually modified under the software.
9. The jigsaw photo function can save the graphic into a digital format, which is convenient for later viewing of specific details and quick positioning.
10. Multi-language window software (supporting Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, German).
11. Convenient and quick workpiece coordinate system setting (origin, axis, face, rotation, offset).
12, support mouse, keyboard, screen, joystick and other ways to move, more convenient to find the measurement object.
13, support fast auto focus, reduce human error.
14. Quickly locate (element area drawing area digital area picture navigation, etc.) to the measured area.
15. Super-image deburring function can avoid the overlap of line segments and break line segments.
16, a variety of methods of image edge finding tools, measuring elements in a simpler and more precise way.

17. The global scanning function can quickly convert the outline of the profiled product into a CAD format, realizing rapid copying and engineering reverse.

18, screen measurement function screen version of the workpiece image line measurement: directly on the edge of the edge to be scanned to select the approximate position of the line segment, the software can automatically analyze the edge of the object under the screen, for line measurement.
19, CAD comparison offline programming module: (optional)
1. Load DXF files and directly convert them into measurement programs to shorten the editing time.
2. It can be operated offline (operating on another PC) without affecting the normal operation of the machine.
3. Applicable to measure a large number of workpieces, easy and fast to enter the automatic measurement, saving measurement time.

20, contact probe module (optional): support complete 3D measurement, and can achieve image @ probe common center measurement and automatic measurement after programming.
21. Non-contact laser module (optional): The position of the workpiece can be detected by the image, and the flatness and height of the workpiece area can be detected.