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Heat damage to the optical projector

  In fact, the location and extent of damage caused by heat from different sources is different. The large amount of heat emitted by the projector's imaging system causes its internal temperature to rise rapidly, and the quartz on the inner wall of the projector's bulb will devitrify at high temperatures, producing white spots, which block the light due to the devitrification. The temperature in the local area rises, causing the devitrification area to expand further, resulting in a rapid decay of brightness, which is likely to cause the bulb to explode.
  In addition, the physical properties of the chip board inside the optical projector determine that its operating temperature cannot be too high, and other optical components may cause damage to the optical components once the temperature exceeds the tolerance range.
Optical projector
  The heat radiated from the power supply of the projector may cause the temperature of the power supply to be too high, which may cause the electrolytic capacitor of the internal power supply to dry up, causing the projector power switch to burn out.