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How to clean and maintain the image measuring instrument?

  In order to make the precision measuring instruments such as the secondary image measuring instrument work better, especially for a longer service life and more accurate measurement, it is necessary to use a precision instrument such as a video instrument in the course of use. Good maintenance, improve its practical application standards, and at the same time better play its practical role, establish a management system and a clean system, is an important foundation.
  For most of the imager operators, there will be necessary pre-job training, and the image measuring instrument products will show stronger professional strength in the actual application process, and play a very high-quality role, its management. Science, application and maintenance are the key daily measures, and they must be paid attention to in actual use.
  There are two main points in the cleaning measures in the maintenance of the imager. One is cleaning before use, one is cleaning after use, and there is good protection when it is parked and stored, so that it is dustproof and pollution-proof. It is also moisture-proof, it is the best protection for accurate measurement of the instrument, and it is also the guarantee basis for the maximum convenience in the future.